Shaheena KarimiShaheena Karimi was born on November 30, 1977.  She was a warm, genuine and passionate woman.  Never without a smile, Shaheena inspired many people through her unwavering determination to live a full life.  She mounted amazing accomplishments, without letting her daily struggles get in the way.   Although sick throughout most of her life, Shaheena consistently put the needs of others before hers, whether it was for tutoring, volunteering, or just being there to listen.  We all sufffered a very painful loss when she passed away on her 33rd birthday, November 30, 2010.

In her honor, Shaheena’s family and friends have come together to create an endowment fund for a scholarship.  Anyone who knew her well knew that she cherished her four years at Barnard College.   She was away from her family for the first time – 3,000  miles away.  But Shaheena had a way of making lasting friendships everywhere she went and college was no exception.  She made her own family in New York,  not only with classmates, but also with the school.  She often said that one of her long term goals was to someday give back to Barnard for all that they gave to her.   Though she is not with us today, we hope to fulfill this goal for her.

The endowment fund will provide an annual scholarship to one deserving young woman at Barnard College who exemplifies the ideals of social service and volunteerism espoused by Shaheena.  To create this permanent endowed fund, friends and family will raise $100,000.

We hope you will join us in establishing this fund with your generous contribution. Its never-ending support to students will help keep the memory of Shaheena and the universal message of her life’s pursuit alive forever. 

How To Contribute